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3D Avatars

We scan people to create 3D avatars which can be used for animation and commercial projects.


Scan any product to generate a 3D file, ready to be imported in your 3D software.

3D Printed Figures

We can use our scans to produce 3D figures in different sizes.

Mobile & easy to set-up.

Our scanner fits in most open spaces including offices, exhibition stands and outdoor events.

A world of 3D possibilities.

Our scanner can be used to scan people or objects for animation, gaming or educational applications.

Workable .FBX file

We deliver fully working .FBX files to enhance your workflow.

Usable for VR & AR.

Imagine walking around in VR as a 3D avatar of yourself. The possibilities are endless.

3D printed figures.

We create 3D printed figures in a variety of sizes. Ask us for more information.

We love to collaborate.

If it’s either working on a project, development or sharing knowledge.